A continuing Training that suits your needs, even in your own home.

Our support to guarantee your work begins with training and expertise. In addition to side by side in the execution of each treatment, UNA Beauty - Piattaforma per l'estetica allows you to acquire new technical skills during the training courses and Update - held by experts and specialists - that are held free of charge at our office, or through access to our e-learning system.

Formazione sulla piattaforma


Directly on UNA

A tutorial for each treatment directly on the machine, thanks to the multimedia, which explains to you with photos and videos, for each treatment, procedures, with clear and effective images.

You can see how you hold the applicator correctly, what are the areas to be treated and the ones to avoid, how to perform the movements and where to place the applicators, as well as all cosmetics associated with the treatment protocol.

Images and videos can be expanded to full screen to see better.


Formazione in aula con tutor dedicato


With a Tutor only for You.

Once purchased the platform, or just to know the potential and effectiveness, we will assist as a Tutor to explain how to get the most out of our technology.

During the Training Course, an individual tutor will follow you step by step guide in the use of technology you've chosen. No more collective lessons, but tailored to your needs.

During the training with Tutor will be carried out practical tests of the Protocols, so you can take a person on which to test treatments.


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Formazione in e-learning


At home with e-learning.

In addition to training on the platform and Tutor, you can also take courses in e-learning through the dedicated training website.

You can access the training whenever and wherever you want with the most modern means of access, and you'll find a full range of courses on the use of , the applicators and technologies that you can perform.

Follow the video course, answer the questions and download the Certificate of Attendance for the course followed, or request the submission of the certificate directly to your home.

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The training course lasting two days, includes accommodation, meals and transfers from airport or railway station.

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