With a simple touch on the screen access to all functions

Trattamenti Treatments

Tens of treatments available now, and update all the time!

New treatments are released whenever are available new technologies and updates.

No strange commands, no sequences to learn. Choose the treatment with the touch of a finger, selecting for Area of application, Typology, Technology or Applicator used, and follow the instructions. Each treatment is complete with detailed instructions with explanatory videos and photos, is shown the correct position for the person and for the applicator, the number and duration of cycles to execute.

Each treatment is also a training course: you can deepen your knowledge or learn new techniques, before or during application. Browse the photos to control positions and paths of the applicator, checking the contraindications and press the Informed Consent for the customer. Discover the products that maximize the effect of the treatment and buy them or put them in the shopping list to replenish your Beauty Centre.

Le principali funzioni sono:

  • - Remote update with new treatments.
  • - Intuitive controls the same for all technologies.
  • - Search by Area, Technology, and type applicator.
  • - Instructions with Photos and Videos for each treatment.
  • - Precautions and Contraindications.
  • - Optimal Cycle.
  • - Associated products (Cosmetics and Disposable).
  • - Print Information to the client.
  • - Select as "Bookmark".

Gestionale Management

Plan and manage your Center

Organize your appointments in a simple and intuitive with the Planning weekly and monthly basis, with the press will always have under control the organization of cabins and customers. With drag & drop you can move appointments by simply dragging your finger on the appointment in another day or time.

Manage and update the price list for treatments not performed with  UNA (waxing, massage, nails and other). With the statistical data on the processing operations performed on customers and consumption'll always monitor the progress of your business, and you can focus and promote the activities of the most popular and most profitable.

The main functions are:

  • - Schedule appointments
  • - Detail appointment with name, type of treatment, time, date, notes, durability and color
  • - Functionality "drag & drop" to move appointments between days
  • - Viewing and printing of weekly, daily, monthly and timeline
  • - Setting the time and days of work of the Centre
  • - Purchasing Management
  • - Management Price List of the Center

Test Test

The flexibility of is extraordinary.

is also an analysis tool able to carry out comparative tests, evaluation of skin and fat mass and many other analysis, the results of which can be associated with the customer to assess the progress of treatments.

Even for the tests, as for the treatments, all the procedures are illustrated and carefully guided with written instructions, photos and videos.

It is possible to customize the printing of test data with the Centre and the Customer.

The main functions are:

  • - Remote update with new Tests.
  • - Unica interfaccia per tutti i Test Eseguibili.
  • - Search by Area, Technology, and type applicator.
  • - Detailed instructions with photos and videos for each Test
  • - Products Associated with each Test.
  • - Selection as "Bookmark".
  • - Print the results of the test with the name of the customer.
  • - Prints Customizable with name of the Center.

Clienti Clients

The Customer Care at maximum power!

Without purchasing additional software and without leaving from you can show to your customers your progress, set up and print a calendar of appoitments, the report of treatments performed and to perfom, and all at your fingertips, in the same machine. You can then give to your customer a customized SmartCard with graphics of your center, containing all this information.

The main functions are:

  • - Managing customer lists
  • - List View and tab detail.
  • - Quick search from the list.
  • - Register treatments performed.
  • - Reminder treatments to be performed .
  • - History with field notes and contraindications.
  • - Data saving of client on smart card .
  • - Print list or card customers.

Formazione Training

Continuous update on technologies and treatments.

do. updates. teach.

A new technology born? Are developing new treatments?

offers you a guided training course (e-Learning) to know and master them with online test and verification to get ratings and certificates of proper learning. Without moving from your seat: automatically download the course and update you. UNA growing: grow up with her.

The main functions are:

  • - Dictionary technologies   
  • - Dictionary support for scientific technologies
  • - Dictionary typologies
  • - Dictionary safety symbols associated with applicators and treatments
  • - Handbook of the contraindications with description and WHO code
  • - Test to check your comprehension of the course

Store Store

Never run out of stocks!

No more phone calls to suppliers, demand for listings and availability, and above all no more, thanks to a lack of materials .

The Store, the online store where you can buy in real time all you need to carry out the treatments, immediately shows you the products and the essential accessories, offers you the news, keeps track of your shopping list.

Are you performing a treatment and you realize that your stocks of products are going to end up? Take notes on the shopping list and ordinal calmly later, without forgetting anything and checking for good.

From now purchase only what you need, when you need it and if you need it.

The main functions are:

  • - General catalog of products associated with the treatments.
  • - List by categories (Cosmetics, Applicators, Accessories, etc.).
  • - "Reminder" function to recall products "to buy"
  • - Cart for the purchase of products easy and intuitive.
  • - Check in real-time the availability of products.
  • - Management of quantity and discounts.
  • - Choice of payment methods.
  • - Choice of shipping methods.
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