A complete and expandable System according to your needs.


UNA Beauty is the first integrated platform in the world for professional beauty treatments. All the most effective technologies for the reduction of blemishes are already integrated into the platform and to activate them you just insert the applicator.

Integrated Technologies

All Technologies and Treatments are integrated on the platform. To execute the treatment of Technology desired, simply insert the applicator and the machine wakes up instantly.

Applicators can be bought even later, directly from the Store, according to the growing up of the center or the services that customers want.

To get a new Technology is necessary to buy just an applicator and not a new machine.

Touch Screen

Touch Screen lets you to focus on what should be done, not how to do it.

The graphic user interface with touch screen makes instant choice and execution of the treatments. Commands are simple, clear and intuitive, and are the same for all Technologies; not is necessary to study different manuals.

With a few taps on the wide screen can be selected, set up and launch the treatments. It is as simple as using a smartphone.

Search Treatments

It is easy to choose the treament to be exectuted from the availability list.

You can search by Applicator, Zone (legs, arms, face..), Technology (ultrasounds, electroporation, readiofrequency…) or Typology (slimming, toning, epilation…).

You can also create a bookmark list of treatments, with those that run more often, to find it quickly.

Integrated training

Formazione multimedialeAn image is worth a thousand words, so , as well as describe carefully any treatment, procedure, technology, shows with clear and effective images: how to handle the applicator correctly; what are the areas to be treated and the areas not to be treated; how execute movements and where put the applicators. Images and videos can be resized to full screen to display it better.

Information to the client

With is all under your control. All the necessary information (precautions and contraindications) are shown before start a treatment. Only after checking the absence of all the contraindications on the client, allows to execute the treatment. For all the treatments can be print the Information to be signed by the client.

Remote updating

Aggiornamento remotoUpdate with new treatments is very simple: it is necessary just an internet connection (Wi-Fi, LAN or Internet-Key) and press a button, UNA think to all the rest. No problem of time, the server is always available to download even the news: the lists of products from the Store, courses, software updates, etc..

Export and Backup

All appointments and customer data can be saved on a thumb drive and transferred to a PC to manage it externally, or they may be moved to another UNA Platform .


Multicanale has independent output channels, driven separately. In case of failure of a module / channel, you can use another to perform the same treatment and avoid interruptions.


MultitrattamentoThanks to the independent output channels, can simultaneously run treatments also different from each other. warning if they are incompatible or dangerous if performed together.


Modulare is the first interchangeable modules. Thanks to this patented technology, you can configure it to match your needs. At the same basic body can also be incorporated modules "High Power", to use under medical supervision for specific applications. The modules "drawer" are easily removable and replaceable, directly by the operator, without the intervention of a service center.

Expansion to new technologies

Espansione a nuove tecnologie is a long-term investment. When new technologies are available, you can integrate it simply by installing new modules and updating the treatments. In this way you can make new treatments and use new applicators, keeping pace with the times at an affordable price without buying a new machine.

Universal Connectors

Connettori universaliOnly one type of connector, easy to insert and remove. You with ease, is easy to remove. No more problems due to input errors that often damage the machines.

Recognition applicators

Riconoscimento applicatori recognizes and tests the applicator automatically, when connected to any one of the available channels. Some users have auto-calibration programs that maximize efficiency during treatments. Other applicators automatically recognize the contact with the subject treated in the treatment phase.

Self-diagnostics and Certifications

controls its own state of health, automatically checking that everything is working properly. The front indicators indicate immediately the status of the module or applicator, whereas all the parameters can be displayed on the screen. It also alerts you when it is due safety certification mandatory.


In case of malfunction can be connected directly to our diagnostic center. Due to the teleservice with operator, qualified staff will identify problems remotely, activating the appropriate procedures to solve them, including the sending of a new module for warranty replacement.

Smart Card

Smart Card

You can purchase card personalized with your logo and colors in our center to be issued to customers. With the Smart Card Reader, you can manage loyalty campaigns or gathered points based on the treatments they buy.

Courses in "e-Learning"

is also a platform for the achievement of the certificates via e-Learning. Just download the courses and study on the handouts, and then access the Test area to verify the skills. Once you pass, you will receive directly from your Center a certificate of participation to the course with the skills acquired.

Integrated Store

When you want to buy cosmetics, consumer products, new Applicators, treatments or courses, you can do everything from the Store of . You can put them in a Reminder list or directly in the cart and buy them using only the touch screen without using the phone or look for suppliers. Everything you need, you find it on Store.

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