A complete range of products for all operational requirements


applicatoriAll applicators in the program can also be purchased later, based on need. Then it is possible to buy the applicator desired, connect it to the machine and run the Treatments for Appropriate Technology to the Customer, without buying a new machine.

Consumables and disposables

consumabili e monouso

Disposable products (like pre-gelled electrodes) maximize the effects of treatments and ensure the hygiene for the customer. The consumables (also customizable) always give a touch of quality to the center. Now available for immediate delivery for purchases and even in small quantities.



Available in both packaging "from Cabin" in which "home", in individual packaging. In this way, you will no longer need to have a large stock of products, but only the products needed to perform the planned treatments. Money in the pocket, not in stock. Go to the Cosmetics page



With all the other products there are several accessories, such as trolley for the transport of UNA, as well as a full range of furniture to set up the center with the maximum of functionality.

Training Courses


Online training courses with handouts, interactive videos to understand the functioning of the various technologies are essential to the profession, and once you pass the online course, the Certificate is issued.



Posters for the Center, Marketing Tools, video files and all accessories "Not to be found" available on the website dedicated to the support of Marketing for our customers. Visit the support site Marketing.

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